Mostly Gibberish: Live at the Southern Animal Rescue Benefit

by Gibberish Fuckattack

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Improvised set recorded live by Asha Lakra at the Southern Animal Rescue Benefit at 529. Gibberish Fuckattack's Adam Jonas Waldorf, Jarred Thomas Orr, and Dip Lipski (Parks Miller) were joined by the amazing Erin Santini from Wet Rainbow for an improvised set of psychedelic punk


released April 4, 2013

Vocals: Adam Jonas Waldorf
Guitar: Jarred Thomas Orr
Bass: Parks Miller
Drums: Erin Santini



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Track Name: Gouged Eyes Lucia
There's no research to support this
Future ghosts
Things collide
Bacteria for instance
A disease in this earth killing everything
Secret trap doors in bars
Stumptown is a real thing
I've always wanted to see it
If I see you you're here
Gouged eyes Lucia
Track Name: Your Body Was Made From An Egg
The c is pronounced like the s in sea
Like swimming in the sea
Like celestial
Like the stars in the sky
The dirt is pronounced like the earth in the ground
Like digging in the earth
Like staring at the sun
Like searching for spots
I is pronounced like the eyes in your head
Like I see you with the eyes in my head
Like you look forward as your feet pad the floor
Like your body was made from an egg

A pronounced silence
No treble no bass
Just air with no movement
Then revealing itself with the subtlest intent
Is the quiet the gentlest breathing
Track Name: I've Got Rabies (alternate version)
Moreover I've got rabies
Affectionately though
Drool with wagging tongue
I love you
How many steps must I trot
To get to the spot
Where I can get my shot
And behave like a sensible
Sentient human being
Agreeing to the laws and contracts we have implicitly joined for our complete edification

I don't write and I don't call, I don't care at all

Alabama handwash
Pony falcon
Burglington brindle boxer
Filling piehole
Missile punch
Valentines gift
Iterated gunkhole
Reverse deniro
Coagulated shunder
Relaxed to death
Happy donut
The strong jaw
The visitation rights
The wet lettuce
The noodle dish
The special
The Bob Dylan
The hairy manass
The Sexy Keys
The Spictacular
The tacklebox
Math rock band
600 units worldwide
The it's really good
The slot machine
The Melissa
The Flying Nun
The Backwards Donkey
The Painted Flamingo
Track Name: Smoking DMT In A Coffin
Smoking DMT in a coffin
The ultimate death trip
After the time of spice
And the summer of salts

Never actually on the rails
Train cars disintegrating
Nothing was really ever together
But when it was it all fell apart

Beer drunk and coked up