As Fucked Up As It Sounds, I'm Gonna Burn Down Your Middle Schools (Sriracha is Over part 82) (I'm a Waster)

by Gibberish Fuckattack

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Part of a larger (seven and a half hour, 244 pound) piece


Just accept that everything is hilarious
I could walk to work
tomorrow and get hit by a car
You can have your opinion
That's funny, that's comedy
Wasting my time
doing stuff that I'm not good at
When I could have been
perfecting what I'm good at
It's true but who cares
Most people are just easily entertained
But don't genuinely like it
As fucked up as it sounds
I'm gonna burn down your middle schools
that's funny, that's comedy
I'm a waster
Jesus Christ
I'm a waster




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